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Dear customers,

We originally did not want to add to the panic going on around us about Covid-19. However, with everyone's concerns, we would like everyone to know that we are making sure to increase the frequency of sanitation inside our facility.

Currently, all machines, controllers, and game peripherals are disinfected after every use. Hand sanitizer is readily available to everyone who visits.

We also want to keep any illness exposure to a minimum, so we are asking those who are ill, to please stay home if they are not feeling well. We also ask that all guests adhere to local health guidelines on social distancing and to wear a mask when visiting.

Nemesis 5 Esports thanks all of our guests for their patience and understanding at this time. Our primary focus is the health and safety of everyone. From all of us at Nemesis 5 Esports, thank you.

Maximium Entertainment


From Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty, to League of Legends and World of Warcraft, we have all the popular titles that you can think of. Not only do we offer games for PC, but we also have games for Xbox, PS4, and the Switch. Check out our complete list to see the titles and the platforms that we support.

High Performance Gaming

Only at Nemesis 5 Esports

Located in Farmington, New Mexico, we are the only Esports gaming company that offers a wide variety of activities. From hosted tournaments to game workshops, we bring you the best with high-performance gaming hardware and popular game titles.

Lighting Fast Speeds

Everything we have is on a fiber-optic connection, boasting up to 1 Gb/s upload and download. Lag? What's that? We've never heard of that here! Make note — This ain't your grandma's dial-up!

Party Rooms

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Our party room is where you party, play, and...well, play. Easy right?


Compete with other gamers and reach the top! With our hosted tournaments, you'll have the opportunity to show your skills and win some prizes!

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To reach the top, will take time and patience. There is no better place than Nemesis 5 Esports to practice since we offer the ultimate experience to reach new heights. So don't wait, get your membership today!

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